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How to publish your own site using our Website Builder Platform

01. Choose a Template or Start from Scratch

This can take a matter of seconds.

06. Enjoy your site

There's nothing more satisfying then to see your creation come to life.

05. Export to server

Once you feel your site is ready to be published, just follow the instructions to adjust the settings for your domain pointing and within 4-48 hours, your site should be LIVE and ready for visitors to explore.

02. Design your page

We use AWS to make sure our servers are constantly up to date and keeping your website uptime at 99+%!

03. Stylize the content

Content can be easily rearranged using one of the functions of our dashboard on the left.

04. Press Save or Update often

We strongly recommend getting into the habit of pressing Update (SAVE function) as often as possible which is a blue button on the bottom right corner of your screen. This will ensure you always save your work or progress along the way when working on your site.

Enjoy more free time doing what you love and leave the techy stuff to us.

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